Not all of us are snackers.

Some prefer a full meal; for others it's the lean state of our cupboards that dictates the frequency of our sustenance, but that's not to say we aren't all SNACK FANS.

Dog Chocolate's debut album, released by Upset The Rhythm on 18th March 2016, seeks to fill in those little gaps we all sometimes feel. Pangs. Rumblings. Call them what you will. At 27 minutes long, Snack Fans gives as much as one might need to stave off disaster but not too much to cause drowsiness or indigestion.

This game itself is a snack: something light and savoury. We hope that you will be a fan.


  • You are the DOG and the HUMAN (Cursor Keys and WASD respectively OR touch gestures on mobile)
  • Eat Snacks; avoid obstacles
  • Get High Score

OBSTACLES are the things that look less appealing and aren't jiggling about.

SNACKS are spinning around, growing, shrinking and warping

SPACE BAR restarts!


This game can be played single or two player co-op!

Computergame Concern's HELPLINE with any queries.

2017 update! Seems the mobile controls don't work very well at the moment. What happened who knows? Also, the keyboard input isn't picked up in the Edge browser. Maybe these things are fixable, I don't know.

This game is made with

All thanks to Dog Chocolate for this collaboration!

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